Presentation can't be rated in carry out
Always great!
Our food was good. This restaurant has been empty for a long long time, and I am thrilled that it looks like this new tenant will survive. It was a little bit disconcerting though that nobody answered the phone and when I went there to pick up my food, the clerk who help me could barely speak English and just said, “Oh the manager went home.” Like that was a viable answer to my question. Also, there were no soy sauce packets in my bag, which I always look forward to using. So, on the whole I gave it a four. My picky husband loved the food!
The food was delicious! There was a slight mix-up on my order, but the manager quickly rectified it. The lunch special is well worth the price.
Food was ready before I walked in the door and the staff were friendly and helpful. The wonton soup was not your typical wonton, it was much more complex and had great depth of flavor. The lamb and chicken were both very spicy (for my white american palette), but well balanced and flavorful. Everything was delicious and cooked perfectly, even after a 30 min drive home. Can't wait to eat there in person very soon!
Any questions please call us.